Kate Spade and Clinton Foundation Connections

This video is interesting because it mentions some of Kate Spade’s projects before she died. She was working with the corrupt Clinton Foundation, which includes the No Ceiling Initiative and Clinton’s Haiti business project. Many people are now continuing to question the scenario of hanging from a doorknob. How does someone actually do that, especially someone who has a normal height? And, why even a “red” scarf was used in such scenario? Red is obviously illuminati and satanic symbolism, but she also loved vibrant and bold colors, such as neon and pastels. Why not choose one of her Kate Spade pastel scarves?


What do you think?


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  1. If and when anyone tries ridiculing you for noticing these things, laugh at them. They are publicly admitting how gullible they are.

    Good on you for having the intestinal fortitude to look the monster straight into its eyes and grinning.

    You are beautiful. Never let them make you feel otherwise. You are by no means alone in this.

    Message me if you ever get piled on. I ill handle a few for you, so you can focus on targets.

    • it is so obvious now, since i started doing my own research on the internet. yeah, i know, there are a lot of zionist trolls out there, especially back in 2008. but there seems to be less of them now because many youtube people have been waking up because there are now too many people on youtube and facebook exposing stuff. lots of facebook groups are exposing stuff, and some are having facebook problems. i think that is why the media is creating these fake news censorship against truthers.

      there is even this anthony boudain, (i am not sure he is) but it is obvious that he was also murdered similar to kate spade, but labeled suicide. it is all over youtube.

      • Sounds like a great strategy for the battle of knowledge.

        I used to support Alex Jones a lit but then he seemed too much like controlled opposition so several of my friends and I have gone rogue – so to speak.

        (((They))) can infiltrate groups using agent provocateurs all they want. Those of us who are dedicate and running solo, we are like 10 million black cats in the night.

        • yeah, I used to listen to Alex Jones but I soon realized that he kept contradicting himself or he says 10% truth to attract people but the other information is 90% Zionist shill garbage. I started to lose interesting in his site or anyone who works with him. He is too annoying because it is like he is trying to hard to be a so-called truther but the truth comes out of his mouth that he is just a irritating zionist shilll. i cant tolerating listening to his rants…

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