6 Main Signs of MK-Ultra Mind Control

This video lists six main signs of MK-Ultra mind control that you might notice in a celebrity’s performance or actions, although there are many other signs. Started by the CIA, MK-Ultra or Monarch Project, was used to control victims’ behaviors as slaves. Nowadays, it has grown into many industries, which includes media, military, psychiatry, and business. You might also such victims displaying multiple personalities, mental breakdowns, and Dissociative Identity Disorder. They also have a handler who helps control their behavior, making sure the victim is doing their slave job.

This information is very old for me because I started researching it back in 2000. But I think it is interesting to notice certain signs in many movies, commercials, TV shows, magazine ads, magazine covers, and movie posters.

  1. Black and white clothing, whether stripes or checkered, which has to do with the dual way that many celebrities live, often toggling between their regular life and slave life. Diamond have to do with “Presidential Model” and highest level for sex slaves.
  2. Handlers are mysterious and shadowy controllers, sometimes pretending to be security or entourage in order to stay close to the victim and better control their every action. They control their slave victim with certain code words, code names and triggers, which brings out certain alters that does certain jobs under a different personality. They keep the celebrity isolated from others. Celebrities sometime switch to other alters on live television because certain trigger or code words are used, which takes this celebrity to a different personality, ready to perform certain actions.
  3. Beta Sex Kitten alters have to do with dressing like wildcat, often tiger, leopard, or lion. Moreover, Mickey Mouse ears and MK-Ultra Disney also symbolize MK-Ultra mind control. Disney movies and shows are filled with dark symbolism, including cartoon movies.
  4. One eye bigger than the other, or bleaching hair to platinum blonde color or wearing platinum blonde wig.
  5. Monarch Butterflies symbolism, mostly placed in a subliminal manner so that it blends into the background as well as doesn’t appear as obvious.
  6. Mirrors, especially cracked or shattered mirrors, have to do with shattered and fractured personality created by traumatic mind control. Such trauma leads to eventual breakdown or meltdown, around 27 or 28, and they start rebelling from their handler. They are likely to go into Rehab for MK-Ultra mind control trauma-induced acts to make them obey.


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