One star, many stripes

The lights on the ceiling and wall in my hallway. The star is a Christmas decoration leftover, and the stripes are from a light decoration my wife wants to have there. Not the best light I know of, gets in your eyes in a bizarre way, all those strips.


What do you think?


  1. It’s one light bulb hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the hallway and around it is a ring whit black threads almost one meter long hanging from it, so all the hallway from the ceiling down to to the floor have those stripes, even most of the floor is like this also. The whole room. But it’s just María. If she wants to do something like this, don’t stand in her way. I’m (almost) used to it now, but it’s a little bit crazy to walk thru the hallway late at night, spooky and my daughter hates it. But, as I say, if María want’s it, so it has to be : )

  2. I’m not sure what is the nature of the light decoration creating those stripes. Do they move? I could get used to it if it was static, I suppose. Marriage is all about compromise, isn’t it? 😀