The Tragedy of the Entertainer

It has become one of those standard stories;  some singer or group is popular. A manager is hired. The Star(s) spend their time performing, showing off and the manager spends his time ripping them off.

This is because is so many cases the ‘Star(s)’ are neither educated, aware or practical.

Sure, you can say that a ‘creative’ person is often not ‘practical’. Maybe too trusting, maybe ignorant of what is going on.

There are many people who created songs who may not be able to read or write very well. They play the music from their heads, they say the words that come to them,  and they don’t begin to understand the business side of show business.

They hire a manager who knows how to play them. He knows what to say, he knows how to tell them ‘not to worry’, and lets them go on and on. And when the Star(s) fall from favour, the manager takes the money and runs.

And the Star(s) don’t even know how much money has been taken.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar