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Kitchen Design Tips for Organizing Lighting, Appliances, Table and Chairs

Kitchen lighting

  • In the kitchen, as in all home, both general, functional and accent lighting is important. The general lighting should be chosen according to the size of the room, it is possible to hang the luminaire on the ceiling or the LED rails to be mounted on – that depends on the style of home.
  • Functional lighting in the kitchen is desktop illumination. It is usually installed under cabinets, you can choose LED lighting or another type of lighting, but do not forget it when designing furniture.
  • Accent lighting – illumination for beauty: it is possible to illuminate a cap or glass inside the cabinets.

Table and chairs

  • If there is a space, I recommend a large standard table size of ~ 1400x850mm. You will always sit comfortably there. If there is no space for this table, choose a smaller table size but a standard height table.
  • It is not recommended as the main table to use a half bar or a bar in the kitchen, which needs high chairs. It’s just uncomfortable. We all love to feel the ground under our feet, so it’s always nice to sit on a normal height chair.
  • Choose the tables and chairs of natural materials (wood, etc.) due to their longevity and timeless image.

Household appliances

  • If you live in a house, have a large family, I recommend having a separate freezer, and in the kitchen, will add a refrigerator of a furniture height with a small freezer.
  • Choose a hob with sensory control and enjoy easy maintenance. Even if your home style is classic and is a hob with handles, I would not recommend buying it because you will not avoid the dirt around the knobs.
  • The microwave is really a great helper in the home for both fast warming and defrosting of the food.
  • The myth that the more powerful the steam collector is, the better it pulls. The main thing is, what kind of ventilation holes it is connected to. If the ventilation is good, even the smallest steam collector is perfect.
  • It is a mistake to think that the steam collector has to extract the odor of the food produced. The steam collector gathers the steam generated during the baking/cooking process.
  • Because of this, windows and walls will not be steamed. It is not a scent collector. If you cook a fish, the house will really smell fish, but there will not be a steam in the kitchen.
  • In addition to all conventional built-in appliances, there may still be a coffee machine, a heating drawer, a wine fridge. Think about them, if there is a space in your kitchen.

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