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Ideas for cozy living room

Many believe that it is impossible to decorate your living room beautifully without the help of experienced designers. But in fact, this is completely wrong, and every housewife, without much trouble herself, can fill the house with comfort. The main thing is to observe the basic rules, and then everything will turn out.

First, choosing a color solution for the design of the living room, you need to remember that warm, bright and discreet shades visually increase the space of the room. Such colors do not tire the human eye and allow without any problems to pick up other details of the interior.

On light neutral background, bright details look very expressive, but they should not be too much. Try to choose one piece of the interior, which due to its originality and expressiveness will be the main focus. As such an object can act any valuable and beautiful thing, for example, a designer coffee table, an exquisite large mirror, an antique vase or a bright picture. So, try to create your own coziness. 


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  1. every women has some idea about her house, she can design her own living room so beautifully like how you showed in the pics. Thanks for this beautiful living room pics.