A Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Perfect Dining Table & Chairs

Round, oval, square? 3,4, or 6 seaters? Wood or glass? There are so many factors to take account while purchasing a dining table. Choosing the right piece for your home space may turn into an overwhelming affair if you are not sure what you exactly are looking for. Sometimes, many buyers get baffled amidst countless options regarding shape, design, and types of dining tables. With the following tips, let us choose the right piece for your home.


The shape of the table is the first criteria to decide on. Dining tables come in multiple shapes including oval, round, rectangular, etc. All have their own pros & cons.

#1 Rectangular

Rectangular is the classic and also the most popular choice when it comes to purchasing dining table and chairs. It not only gives a clean look but also comes in plenty of designs. If you are more concerned about a well-defined straight seating arrangement, then rectangular is the perfect shape to choose. However, a rectangular is not a preferred option if you have compact space.

#3 Round

After rectangular, the round is the most sought-after shape while purchasing a dining table. They are excellent for compact spaces, and the best part is there are no sharp corners to stumble upon. Besides, it easily fit more people when required and also creates an impression of more space in a small room. However, if you are looking for more than six seatings, avoid round tables as it makes serving as well conversation inconvenient.

#5 Metal

Metals are one of the favorite modern choices for dining table and chairs. Metal tables are known for their neat finish and minimalistic looks. They are easy to clean up and can easily accommodate six to eight people. They can also be accompanied with a wooden bench rather than chairs. Or, pair it with glass acrylic chairs.

#9 Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood plank tables have gained popularity in the past few years. If you love the natural beauty of wood and looking for an eco-friendly option, reclaimed wood dining table is a nice option to consider.

Make sure what you need and get to know about all the options available in the market. After doing so picking the right table won’t be tough. Always, shop smart!


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Written by tarunaarya