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How to Write Your First Ethereum Smart Contract

Smart contracts are integral in the functioning of Ethereum as a 'programmable blockchain'. These contracts are lines of code that 'self-execute' upon fulfilling a specific...

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Rising Demand for Mid-Budget Homes Post Lockdown

Real Estate market has always been on a roller coaster ride. The last few years were especially tough, and right when the market was...

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Is Cloud Hosting Secure?

Ever since cloud was conceptualized, cloud computing has grown in leaps and bounds. Despite the rise in cloud adoption, many organizations are still hesitant...

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Want To Crack IIT-JEE? Use These Tips!

Every year lakhs of student appear for IIT-JEE examination, but only few thousand make it to the end. When to start your preparation? Which...

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Top 8 Trendy Wedding Backdrop Ideas

With wedding preparations in full swing, you might not be concerned about the backdrop. However, you must be; after all, it will be the...

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