20 inspiring ideas for living room design

When decorating your home, it is very important to pay attention to small and insignificant details. Although the truth is, there are no small or insignificant interior details. Each thread in the cushion lying on the couch on the site or curtain hanging on the bedroom window is part of the room or space interior. And in fact, the thread is just as significant as the cushion itself, the curtain, the sofa or the entire interior of the room. Why? Every detail is an integral part of the whole, an ingredient of the space flavor.

After all, the small detail will be the culprit if everything is fine: dark wood furniture – beautiful and new, perfectly matched with pink walls; the green color rug laying on the oak floor. And what does this cushion on the couch? And if you change it? Well the cushions are slightly off set.

So, if your approach to decorating your interior will be – until the last one matching detail, then you will succeed. There are no accidental things in the interior. It can only be accidentally fitted things in interior space. A huge buffet or a tiny knob – neither one nor the other is more important and can not exist without each other.


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Written by Fortune