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What is for Dinner? Homemade food!!

Yesterday, my mum cooked again!! So we had a healthy and balanced meal at home!!

She made pork stew – a very simple but delicious meat dish whereby you fry onions, with bean paste, garlic, potato, carrots and pork… then you add water and stew them for at least 30-45 minutes! Add soya sauce for taste and colour (optional).

Then steam fish – (I actually dislike fish…) but of well, my mum cooked it so I’ve to eat it!! Steaming fish is always the easiest to prepare – but to cook it well is another story. Rubbed the fish with some salt, cooking oil and a thin layer of corn or tapioca flour. Slice some ginger and tomato and put them on a plate, put the fish on top, add remaining ginger and tomato (if any) on top of the fish and steam, time varies depending on size. But remember only to put the fish in for steaming AFTER the water boils.

We’ve veggie soup so we need not fry vegetable … I’ve no recipe for this one because it was already done when I went to help… but I guess just some chicken “bones” for the soup base and then dump the veggie in. LOL

Are you curious about what people around the world have for their meal?

Well, I’m sure am! So I’ve started a Challenge for foodies (any everyone else, as long as you eat!). It’s called “What is for…”, you can find out more >>> here


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