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Three meal chicken soup!

It’s really easy – here’s how you do it.

Get a chicken – preferably one that is already plucked and ready to roast. Spice it to your liking and then bung it in a roasting pan in the oven for a couple of hours along with some potatoes and onions.

Cook some extra veggies and eat the chicken for supper.  Save the sauces for later.

Use any leftover breast for chicken mayo sandwiches the next day.

(Spoil Ralphie the cat with a few chicken morsels. Edge kitty does not thank a person for chicken – he’d much rather have a bit of the bread – as long as there’s butter on it.)

When there is not much left of the chicken – chuck it in a medium sized pot. Add a litre or so of water. Throw in any leftover potatoes or onions. Add some celery (I have fresh growing in the garden – really enhances the taste of the soup) and a block of chicken stock.  You can also add extra veggies if you want to – we like clear chicken soup, so I don’t.

Bring to the boil and then simmer on the stove for a couple of hours.

Remember – if you find it too salty you can always add a slice of raw potato to your pot and if it’s too fatty a dash of lemon juice will cut the fat.

Delicious on its own in a mug or in a bowl with bread or toast!


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Written by Ginny Stone

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