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Soup of spinach with young beef meat,

Robin Biznis May 14 Belgrade, Serbia

Rain has been falling steadily all day, and it has fallen on the last night. The warning says it will fall tomorrow.In the neighboring countries west of Serbia, there is already a flood in the rivers.I mean Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.All this has contributed to the spinach in my garden growing up and ready to take it as soon as it is dry time.Browsing recipes, since I’m a diabetic, I’ve come across the one I present to you.If someone likes it, they can save it because it’s simple.This soup is nice regardless of the seasons, and this is a particularly interesting recipe for lovers of vegetables! It is so rich that it can easily be served as a lighter lunch or a warm evening.Here’s what you need:450 gr. of beef (chopped on as small pieces as possible)- 3 garlic cloves- 2 carrots- 1 can of sauce  of tomato- 700-800 ml of water or thistle broth- 1 onion- ½ root celery- 1/2 teaspoon of salt- ½ teaspoons of pepper- 1/2 teaspoons of oregano- 150 g of pasta (almonds, shells, spirits)- 200 g of fresh spinachPreparation:For a bit of oil, fry the meat until it gets brownish. Then add the finely chopped white and black onions, then sprinkle them to make a slice.Into this, add finely chopped celery and carrots, stir a bit to add pelat, water / broth, pepper, oregano and so on.Cover and leave to spill, then reduce the fire.Add the dough you like and then cover it again. Pasta will be finished in about ten minutes. In the end, add a large chopped spinach and leave it on the disconnected ring only so that the spinach “shrinks”.Serve with sour cream or sprinkled with grated cheese.

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