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Simple Ways to Cut Watermelon Nicely

Everyone loves watermelon because it’s sweet and refreshing, but not everyone knows how to serve it well. You often cut slices, bite off a large piece and then wipe off juice from the cheeks, do you?

And it is better if you cut the watermelon in a way to be more convenient to eat. So, first cut the watermelon in half, place the cut part down on the cutting table and cut watermelon with whole bark far and wide in equal strips. Then cut crosswise. And voila! Your watermelon is ready to be eaten! Pull the piece by piece and taste it. It is convenient to cut watermelon in this way and serve it parties. Even kids can eat such a piece without getting sticky.

One more way to nicely cut and serve watermelon is to cut pieces and nicely place slices a bit crossing them.

Watermelons are a great choice for the summertime. They are not only tasty but are also a great fruit for different table decorations. For example, when decorating for some kids’ celebrations, instead of the typically sliced watermelon, you can serve heart-shaped watermelon pieces placed on sticks. You can make them easily with cookie clutters.

I guess, your kids will love it. You can come up with many ideas on how to cut watermelon for kids. There can be a lot of shapes.

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  1. I always like to cut watermelon small. Otherwise, it makes so much mess when I eat it. I’m a total slob with it! I usually make a bigger slice and cut it in half but I think I will try that cross-cut method this summer.

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