Raw Vegan Pasta & Turkish Coffee with Pistachio Turkish Delight

Sunday, October 08, 2017

For dinner, I decided to make raw vegan pasta. I had bought already spiraled raw zucchini and squash from Mother’s Market, each in its separate package. I made my own tomato sauce with one chopped tomato and some herbs that I mixed together and poured into a small jar. I then grounded raw sunflower in my coffee bean grinder until I made powder consistency in order to create my own raw vegan parmesan cheese.  I placed this sunflower seeds powder into another little jar. Then, I peeled one avocado and mushed it into creamy and crumbly pieces.  I placed some zucchini spirals and squash spirals into a small bowl. I added some tomato sauce on top, before I topped that with the mushy and creamy avocado. Then, I sprinkled some sunflower seed powder on top.

I enjoyed eating my dinner, seated on comfy Morocco cushions and plaid blanket, while watching Blue Jasmine on the Indie Channel. I have already seen this movie before in the theater, and I thought it was interesting movie about a woman going crazy after her wealthy but corrupt husband dies. Her life falls apart and she moves into her sister’s house to try to put her life back together, but she spiral downhill into mental illness and depression. It is a Woody Allen movie, and he always does movies about crazy, neurotic people trying to deal with the current issues in their life.

While I was eating my raw vegan pasta, I felt that an ingredient was missing, although it was still good. I soon realized that I forgot to add some garlic. So, I decided to mush two pieces of garlic into the tomato sauce jar, and I mixed well until it started to look like salsa.

I then decided to make a cup of Turkish coffee with pistachio Turkish Delight.


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