The Art of Turkish Coffee Cup Reading

I have been intrigued with Turkish Coffee readings since 80s. It looks interesting and fun, but difficult to read. But sometimes when I make Turkish Coffee, I play around with the idea of reading, even though in my case it is likely to be gibberish.

While on YouTube, I also noticed videos about Greek coffee and Cuban coffee cup readings. So, this coffee cup readings are done in different cultures. Some people even read tea leaves cup.

I decided to display three different Turkish coffee cup readings in this post, each by a different person, to get a better understanding about this artform. Notice that each of these people read the Turkish Coffee cup different, much different from what I have seen in America. But it is interesting because it is like storytelling.

#1 Turkish Coffee Cup reading example 1

  1. Lok at shapes, such as tree, animal, etc...
  2. Several vertical lines has to do with wishes coming true. But if there are more than 7 lines, then there will be an engagement.
  3. Notice numbers and letters, which could be hints.
  4. Animals could mean a message or messengers
  5. Fish means money, good fortune, or ocean.
  6. It is kind of like dream analysis, but based on shapes and lines in the coffee cup.
  7. I haven't seen anyone reading the saucer before.

#2 Turkish Coffee cup reading example 2

  1. She reads the saucer. I have never seen this before.
  2. 2 Pillars could mean 2 wishes coming true or the number 11.
  3. An animal with sweet face can be a warning. someone might be preying on you.
  4. Eiffel Tower shape can be romance, French, or Paris, France.
  5. Lion shape might have to do with doing someone with a Leo sign.
  6. Mother or grandmother figure is watching over you from afterlife.
  7. A key will open a door to your future or what's ahead.
  8. Mountain--it will lead to something great.
  9. Strong masculine energy is watching over you.
  10. Symbols
  11. Swinging on chandeliers, roller coaster ride with ups and downs...

#3 Turkish coffee cup reading example 3

  1. This one has even more different ways of reading a cup.
  2. Use Social Science observation skills to read the person.
  3. Drinking Turkish Coffee, like drinking any coffee, is all about socializing, whether drink coffee at a coffee shop or making your own Turkish Coffee for your guests at you home.
  4. Look for shapes, such as volcano, mountain, pyramid, lava; mountain has to do with something challenging. volcano means many things might suddenly erupt.
  5. Coffee cups only foretells for the next 40 days.
  6. He sees Eiffel Tower in his cup, too, which has to do with love, romance, or marriage.
  7. You should drink Turkish Coffee slowly, sipping and enjoying the experience as you think about your wish.


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