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How To Prepare A Traditional Macedonian Recipe – Pastrmajlija

Macedonian traditional pastry is the most popular meat in Veles, Stip, Kavadarci, Valandovo. In these cities, on the most exciting event, Pastrmajlijada,  participants prepare this traditional recipe. They are fantastic and very delicious! I believe that it will draw your attention ….

If you want to prepare this meat follow the steps for preparation:

Ingredients for 8 persons:

  • 1kg flour,
  • 400ml of hot water,
  • 1 cup of whole yeast,
  • a little salt and a little sugar,
  • 1kg pork meat,
  • one spoon pork fat,
  • black and cayenne pepper.

For this specialty use pork, lamb or chicken meat. I used pork meat, about 180 gr for 1 person. The meat is cut into small cubes and it is important to be left in some dish at least one day before it is used, mixed with black and red pepper and salt.

Make mixture of flour, water, two little spoons of sugar, two little spoons of salt, two spoons of oil and yeast. Leave the mixture 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes we should divide mixture into 8 parts. Leave this small 8 parts of the dough 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes you need to stretch every single part into elliptic shape, like on the picture.

In the middle of the dough put the meat and on the top of the meat put one spoon of pork fat for perfect taste.

Bake it 6-7 min on 250 degrees, and for another 10 minutes, 200 degrees. When it is over coat the edges with pork fat.

Serve them in combination with chilly pepper and of course good wine.


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