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La Jenna's Food Challenge – Cannelloni Beans, Salad & Vegetables

This is the evening meal for two of us. Fried cannelloni beans, vegetables and a salad.

The Cannelloni beans came in a can.  I fried them in sesame oil and some rice bran oil but just enough and fried with chopped garlic and chopped fresh ginger. I was going to turn it into a mash but the beans were so nice and crispy it seemed a shame to do that and left them as is.

The vegetables were boiled were choko, carrot and broccoli. Flavoured with a little garlic butter. the choko was from my garden.

Salad was just garden lettuce from my garden and grated carrot. 


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. I see that you live very well dear Pamela … it looks great in the picture only I am not the biggest vegetarian fan … I eat all the vegetables – just the vegetables and I would not eat

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