Big 10 GMO's


There are ten different crops that Monsanto genetically modifies.  To remember the ten GMOs, the memory cue of CAPS is given in the video.  Three of the crops start with C, two of the crops start with A, two of the crops start with P, and three of the crops start with S.  If you choose to live an organic lifestyle free of pesticide, then you have to avoid these ten crops.

1. Canola.  Instead of using canola oil to cook, use olive oil.

2. Cotton.  For clothing, go with polyester or wool.

3. Corn.  If you like corn and popcorn, then this crop will be difficult to avoid.

4. Alfalfa.  We’re not talking about the Little Rascals here.  This one you can only avoid if you do not eat alfalfa sprouts or if you do not eat meat.  Alfalfa is used as hay at some farms.

5. Apple.  No apples.  Are you kidding me?  If Adam and Eve would have avoided GMOs, then they would not have eaten from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

6. Papaya.  It’s ironic that papaya juice can help with digestion, but the GMOs cancel that property in papaya juice.

7. Potato.  I don’t care how many GMOs are in potatoes.  I’m not giving up fries and potato chips.

8. Soybean.  Soybeans are basically in all types of food.  It is difficult to avoid.

9. Squash.  No goulash for you.

10. Sugar beet.  Giving up sugar is not happening.

Now, if you want to totally avoid GMOs and live organically, then you would have to give up these ten things.  You would also have to do research to find out which foods have these crops.  I do not maintain a organic lifestyle because I was already genetically modified due to exposure of Agent Orange.  If you do not want to be genetically modified, then take these out of your diet and your clothing.  Also, if someone claims to be living an organic lifestyle and have not given up these ten products, then they are lying to you.


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