No NemaStrike for 2020


Does Monsanto make anything that does not have crazy side effects?  You would think that Monsanto would try a little harder to protect their customers, but the manufacturer has a different product that will be pulled from the market by Bayer in 2020.

The name of the product that came on the market in 2017 is called NemaStrike.  NemaStrike is a nematicide that kills worms called nematodes that devour crops.  NemaStrike is sprayed on the seeds so that the plants become immune to being attacked by nematodes.  Monsanto claimed that there would be no problems with the product if the user followed the warning label.

However, numerous farmers have experienced skin irritation and rashes over the past couple of years once they came in contact with NemaStrike or with any seeds that were sprayed with NemaStrike.

The active ingredient in NemaStrike is tioxazafen.  In a study done by Cornell University in 2018 on tioxazafen, it showed that the chemical created a neurotoxic side effect on rats.  The rats in the trial lost control of their motor skills and their ambulatory skills.  Basically, NemaStrike was pulled before somebody was paralyzed by the product.

Bayer did not need any more lawsuits placed against them since Monsanto’s other product, Roundup, is causing cancer in its customers.  NemaStrike is used on corn, cotton, and soybeans in the USA.


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