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What do you know about bikini?

Robin Biznis July 5.2018 Belgrade, Serbia

He’s bathing suits under the name bikini made 73 years ago.

Its creator is Frenchman Luis Rear, who was a car engineer?

His family had a boutique of the female underwear, so it was easy for him to realize his invention.

The first woman who dressed the bikini was Micheline Bernardinii, an erotic dancer at a casino in Paris.

Initially in Europe is a ban on the Catholic Church and many countries.

He became popular when famous French actress fr.  Brigitte Bardot began to wear it.

So he began to conquer the world.

He definitely deverb women after the movie Dr.NO about James Bond, but when Ursula Andres, then the most beautiful woman and actress in the world, was wearing it in the same movie.

Bikini is name after an island in the South Pacific where the Americans carried out the atomic bombing in 1946 year..

In Paris, the creator presented bathing suits under the name: Bikini: Atomic Bomb.

Source photo:Image by 139904 from Pixabay 


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  1. One doesn’t like to feel ashamed for the actions of their country but this issue is one thing that I am deeply ashamed of my country for. Our refusal to participate in the recent talks to ban nuclear weapons. We broke our agreements with the non-nuclear nations. Then we thumbed our nose at the UN. Our refusal to deal with the mess we made in the Marshall Islands is also most distressing. —- In our elections right now no one running for office has even uttered the word “nuclear” …. Today there is a big problem there and the US should take responsibility

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