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I See London, See France…

This summer’s latest fashion trends for men are setting the internet on fire. First, we had the “RompHim,” a romper made just for men. And now, as if people weren’t already confounded enough, we have lace shorts for men in pretty pastel shades. What is up with that?

It’s not really the lace or pastel that have me scratching my head. It’s just the fact that these shorts are so see-through. And what we’re seeing is mostly the outline of the guy’s pocket, underneath the pant leg. How is that supposed to be fashionable? Or even attractive?

I see London, I see France. I see that guy’s underpants!

Do men really want to wear these fashions? Or is it more a question of some designer dreaming up something outrageous enough to get everyone talking?

Because they sure are talking! And in a lot of cases, what’s being said is not at all flattering. Listen to what these radio hosts have to say on the subject.

Some men feel that these new styles are emasculating. Then again, you’ve got guys like quarterback Cam Newton totally rocking a “Bro-Romper.”

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OK, some of these outfits are pretty cool. This RompHim from the House of Chapelle uses an African-inspired pattern that looks far from feminine.

Men, will you be wearing the summer’s hottest new male fashions? And ladies, how will you feel if your man meets you for a date in one of these outfits?


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  1. the lacy ones look like lingerie for men. maybe this is leading to a lingerie shop for men called Victor’s Secrets.It could also be a part of their continual promotions for the gay and trannie agenda that they are shoving into people’s face.

    • Personally, I don’t mind the male rompers. Some guys look really good in them. And it’s sportswear, right? You’re not going to wear it to the clubs or to church on Sunday morning.

      But I don’t like those lace shorts and shirts. It’s too sheer. And especially with the shorts, it looks unfinished. It’s like the tailor stopped work before the pants were done! I don’t mind the lace or the pastel colors, though. Some men can really look good in those. But I think it needs a lining for the shorts, at least.

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