Milano Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2017-2018

I think the designer is Elisabetta Franchi, and these outfits look glamorous and vintage, similar to the Hollywood 20s to 40s, which looks quite fun and reminds me of the Dick Tracy and Roger Rabbit movies. But the models look like they just walked out from an old black and white movie, a time filled with love and romance.

Just below the knee pencil skirt seems to be popular, worn with short socks and platform sandals.

Sparkly berets are popular for evening wear, worn with a sparkling outfit.

Hairstyles look very vintage style from the 40s, in which I am not into, but I think it is reminiscent of old Hollywood style and glamour, especially compared to the shit we see nowadays.

Lots of long gloves, purses, and belts of the same color look very proper, which is similar to Lucy Ricardo outfits in the old “I Love Lucy” TV series.

Long and dangling earrings add to the sparkling outfit with shine and shimmer.


What do you think?


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