The French Girl Look…

I found three interesting videos on YouTube that sums up the French Girl look. As I get older, I become even more practical, although I still wear trendy pieces as well as bold colors. But I try not to overdo it. I keep it to not more than three colors in one outfit, which two complementary colors and an accent color. If I wear a print piece, the second piece is usually solid. But sometimes I wear two different print pieces in similar colors, and the third piece is in a solid color.

My style is more like the French Girl Style, with some American-inspired trends.

#1 5 Key Pieces

This video lists the must-have pieces to create your own French girl style, which includes the white shirt, long coat, flat loafers or low-heel shoes, big sunglasses, and elegant purse. The secret is the simplicity of the outfit in two neutral colors. These 5 key pieces would look good with the little black dress, black leggings, denim pants, or flirty black skirt or shorts. 

You might also want to add a cute hat and a purse. 

#3 Some French tips from Justine…

  1. Never wear brown and brown in one outfit.
  2. Never wear more than two colors in one outfit. If you wear a print blouse, then the skirt or pants should be in a solid color.
  3. No shocking, dramatic or extreme clothing in an outfit.
  4. Don’t over-accessorize. Keep it simple with accessories. And, wear either gold or silver, not both together.
  5. You know your personal style, and you will never change styles, preferring only classic and chic pieces.
  6. Shoes and purse should match.
  7. Since French women wear neutral colors, they add one accent color as a statement piece, which also can be an accessory.
  8. French women love wearing red lips and red nails all the time, from day to night.
  9. They only wear black and white socks, usually black socks with black shoes and white socks with white shoes.
  10. Clothes should be sleek and defined on your body, not tight or loose.


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  1. How to dress like Ledante
    1) at least one article of clothing must be a neutral
    2) jeans and a T-shirt
    3) jeans are tight, shirt is loose
    4) extra points if your shirt has something asian
    5) if it took you longer than 3 minutes to get dressed, you’re doing it wrong


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