Mysterious Death Celebrities With Similar Patterns

Sunday, April 29, 2018

I decided to add another video about this AVICII case, in which I continue to notice patterns similar to other young celebrities who have ‘mysteriously’ died. I even remember the older celebrities, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, were going through similar patterns. Michael Jackson also knew that he was going to die, and he even stated that ‘they are going to kill me,’ which I have seen many times on Latoya Jackson videos. Whitney Houston was arguing with the industry a lot because I remember they displayed her on TV arguing with someone about something, but since it was bits and pieces, it wasn’t clear exactly what was going on. I just remember her saying that “it was all about the money now and it isn’t fun anymore,” which is apparent that she wanted out of something. AVICII, too, was going through the same thing, as you can see from this video. His Swedish-Iranian manager, Pournouri, was trying to convince him to do more touring, but AVICII couldn’t deal with the fame issues, too much money he didn’t really need, and the stress with it that was affecting his health. These people can’t get out, unless through death in some way. I don’t know what exactly happened in Oman, but I don’t believe it was suicide. I think someone intentionally gave him something probably he was worth more dead than alive, like the rest before him, which lead to his death.

Other similar cases were Kurt Cobain musician and Whitney Houston. Before his death, Avicii stated that it was all about the money. All three of these celebrities just wanted to make music. They weren’t interested in the other stuff involved with their career. Kurt Cobain stated that it was all fake and bullshit. In another video, Avicii stated that it was all a “charade.” Whitney also stated that singing was the only talent she had, and that is why she pursued a music career.

It is sad that all these celebrities were used in some way to make money off them and capitalize on them to milk them as much as they can until their untimely death, in which I believe none were suicides, based on my research. And, I was never into Kurt Cobain and his cunt-looking lover, Courtney Love. Whitney was the only one I was into her work, and maybe Michael Jackson during his young years. I heard of AVICII, maybe last year, because of some of his YouTube videos. His music is interesting, but the video content was dark and disturbing because it was filled with Illuminati symbolism.

They all seem to skyrocket fast into the business, making money right away, because most of it is Illuminati created for their recruits to promote certain ideas to their large followers. I think most of AVICII’s fans were probably in Europe.


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