Illuminatin Blood Sacrifices for Job Promotion

Illuminati Blood Sacrifices help certain celebrities move up the ladder in the industry. This sacrifice involves the death or murder of someone close to this celebrity. When I read the list on this video, I realized that some of them I was aware of as well as some were very obvious. But I wasn’t aware of others, including Ellen DeGeneres and the death of her ex-girlfriend.

I think this is sick! I can’t believe some people would have someone close to them killed, such as a family member, for fame and money. I wouldn’t do that with someone I cannot stand. These people are mentally ill.

I think that is similar to female actresses sleeping with Harvey Weinstein for more jobs, more money, and fame.  These people are really pathetic!

I remember Whitney comfronted Brandy Norwood because she was murdered, when gave Brandy a note, probably telling her that she knew what she was doing and Brandy looked shocked reading the note. I saw the video somewhere on YouTube. I think Brand sucks anyway, and she didn’t become famous after Whitney was murdered. According to this video, John Travolta’s son was a blood sacrifice. I don’t think his career improved after that incident. He just ended up having another son with his wife, Kelly Preston. So, I don’t think these blood sacrifices are really working because most of these celebrities don’t seem more famous than before. They might have gotten more money somehow.


What do you think?