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Virily: The New Kid On The Block

Since the demise of Bubblews, we social bloggers have become a nomadic lot. We move from pasture to pasture, looking for the perfect place where we can share our posts, creative arts, images and ideas. We have seen the rise and fall of many sites, we have been scammed and we have been let down badly by a few site owners.  In the past few months, many sites have folded up like Tsu, Blogjob, BlogBourne, Literacy Base, Persona Paper to name a few.

Virily is the new site that is now attracting many members from across the globe. Here’s a brief review of the impressions I have gained so far, (after one week ):


The site seems to be managed professionally. All posts are moderated so hopefully we will not see plagiarized and poor quality posts here. I have got in touch with moderators a couple of times and they have been very prompt in dealing with the issues.

One of the best things about Virily is the freedom of choice when it comes to submission. We can post images, short blogs, memes, quizzes and create open lists. There are clear cut rules and there seems to be transparency in the way Virils are handed out. We can keep on earning as long as we can find a way to promote our posts, whether old and new.

The community is great and generous and I have not seen any plagiarism or spam.

There are also many ways to earn and interaction is rewarded so how much we earn is to some extent, in our hands too. I think we should be generous when it comes to promoting content and share other people’s posts too so that the site and its members can benefit.


Earnings here are very slow. With 9 published posts, out of which 2 are quizzes, 6 are short blogs and one a gallery of images, I am yet to reach 50 cents. I hope as more and more people find Virily and join us here, we can earn more for our efforts.

Another thing that bothers me about any site is when we cannot delete or edit our posts. This gives the site 100% control over our content. They can keep on earning even if they stop paying. This always makes me a bit wary.


All said and done, we do need an outlet for our creativity, a place to meet friends and share our artwork and ideas. It gives a  horrible feeling when any site shuts down so I hope Virily stays around for long and introduces new features and ways in which contributors can earn. I hope there is strict control over quality so that it can be site we are proud to own and promote.

What has been your experience with Virily so far?


What do you think?

Written by Dawnwriter


  1. Thanks for posting this, Dawn. I agree broadly with all your points. When I first saw ‘Open lists’ I thought they were a great idea to keep a topic current, as they can be constantly added to by different users. But the reality is that they quickly fall off the radar. I think it would be good if, when content is added to an Open list, it should regain visibility by rising again to the top of ‘Latest’ (or ‘Trending’ or whatever).
    Another con I have is the way, when you post more than 10 photos together in any format, only the first 10 appear on the page. Many visitors, in my experience, will not click that ‘Next page’ link, so a number of items are effectively invisible from the start. This is a particular discouragement to anyone thinking of adding to an Open list that already contains more than 10 images.
    As to payments, the first payments are due on 25th July to anyone who reached the payment threshold of $10 by the end of June. This doesn’t include me, but I know people who it does include, so if the payment doesn’t happen as scheduled, we’ll find out about that quickly enough.

  2. I agree with you and thanks for posting this, I joined here 2 weeks ago and I think it’s so difficult to earn $ here TBH. But I like this virily, I think the rate is very confusing. I haven’t seen any payment proof here yet

    • Also, I wish there was a way to re-post our old posts. It seems the only ones viewed are the five on the first page. We need to be able to recycle all of our posts. 🙂

  3. I like virily, I can share here the photos I took to my flowers.
    I agree with your cons, I would like to edit some mistakes in my old posts but I can’t, once content is submitted for review we can’t change anything.

  4. Thank you for your honest comments and feedback. I would love to know what other members feel and even from site owners how this situation can be improved. BLogbourne died in a couple of months because the earnings were excruciatingly slow.