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Top 10 most shocking movies: 1. Deadgirl, 2008

In the film world, we can see a wide range of movies, but not everyone is involving, interesting or shocking. The film industry is trying to invent something new to attract its viewer. Sometimes they do it well and the viewer is happy to see a great movie, but there are occasions when the filmmakers go beyond all moral norms and create films that get a lot of discussion and resentment. So I chose Top 10 movies that shocked me. Watch them and decide for yourself whether your personal boundaries have been crossed.

Deadgirl – the choice of a very unusual script has caused a lot of controversial talks about this movie.

The film is about two teenagers who are considered to be losers at school with whom nobody wants to have anything in common. They are constantly fantasizing about a sexy girl from school, but do not have the courage to invite her to a date. Guys are constantly oppressed by the popular ones, so their adolescence is quite complicated.

When they decide that the school became too annoying for them, they spit on everything and disappear from there. Having taken the beer, the guys decide to break into the abandoned shelter of psychiatry and rampage there. There they find a closed door, and then curiosity does its job.

Thinking about who can lie behind the door, they do their best to open them. When they open the door, they find the most important character of the film – the “dead girl”. She is lying on the table locked and completely naked; her body is covered only by a transparent layer of plastic. Although the girl is dirty and lay there unclear how long, but the guys’ fantasies were a bit different.

The film starts to shock when they decide to rape a lying girl.

The movie script is really unusual and shocked many viewers. The film is dominated by rape, violence, and cruelty, but it is just one side of the film. The film also shows what choices The sex thirsty teenagers have to make, who still do not understand what is good and what is wrong.

This film is about friendship, temptation, and moral values. Some of the scenes in the movie were incredibly cruel, but it didn’t really damage the film. There is what to think about, especially for young people. 

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