This 10-Year Old Boy Probably Does Makeup Better Than You!

Girls are constantly trying to improve their makeup skills. Achieving perfect eyeliner and nicely blended eye shadow is a thing that you need lot of practice for. And it is pretty disappointing to see a 10 year old boy that does makeup like a pro. And I thought that 10-year old should play in the mud or something. This boy is a true miracle. He can do eyelashes, perfect contouring and elegant smokey eyes!

Meet Jack- a little boy from Britain who has the craziest makeup skills. He started with sharing a video on his Facebook page. And that’s where the madness started. Everyone was stunned by his perfect makeup. You will be amazed by how he does his contouring  technique. The most amazing thing is that he can do glam cut crease makeup. Unfortunately, there were some bad comments too. Now he is rocking Instagram with his incredible makeup skills. Any girl will feel jealous. This kid embarrasses the whole world of makeup bloggers. Jack is a strong competition for them.

What do you think about Jack’s amazing makeup skills? Check out this gallery and vote for your favorite photo!


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Written by Kristina


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