10 Makeup Tips for Women 40+

While on YouTube, I decided to watch this video about certain makeup that can make you look older. I am getting old, and sometimes I look tired, which makes me look older. In my case, I need to sleep more, in which will most likely improve my looks as well. But, also, I need to consider to do my make differently.

  1. It is important to wear foundation to smooth out skin. Consider using a foundation with sunscreen as well as a moisturizer.  (I agree with this one 100%).
  2. Use minimal blush, and make sure the color looks natural on your skin. Blend on your skin and cheeks so that it adds a natural color to your face for that youthful glow. (Yeah, I agree with this one too, but I use any color I want, making sure to blend it well so it doesn’t look obvious).
  3. Don’t line the bottom lashes with black pencil or eyeliner. (I don’t like lining the inside of my bottom lashes anymore. I used to do that in high school. But I still outline the bottom and top of my lashes from the outside. I just smudge and blend with eyeshadow for natural, soft, and smoky eyes).
  4. Use concealer minimally, and make sure to use a natural shade that blends well with your skin tone. (I agree with this one, as well. I usually just place a small mark on the area I want to be concealed, smooth it on my skin, and blend it in that area, before dabbing some foundation over the face).
  5. Use satin finish or matte eyeshadows instead of metallic or glitter. (I still use metallic and any other color I want, but I just don’t overdo it because it can look clownish).
  6. Consider longer skirts instead of really short miniskirts. I still wear miniskirts, but I wear it differently because I am older as well as not as thin as I used to be).
  7. Don’t wear bright blues, purples and green makeup. (I still wear these colors, but I smudge and blend a lot for a soft and smoky appearance, in which I have always liked).
  8. Don’t wear dark lipstick. (I like dark lipstick, mostly because my lips are thin and dark lipstick brings out my lips more. I will also define my lip shape with a lip pencil that is a lighter shade than the lipstick.
  9. Don’t put highlighter on the brow bone. Instead, highlight the center of cheekbones. (Who highlights the brow bone anyway? I just lightly brush highlighter over the cheekbone area).
  10. Don’t wear too much mascara bottom lashes. Make sure the mascara looks clean and light. Too clumpy can be aging. (I don’t think clumpy mascara is aging. But it does look messy, which is one reason why I don’t wear too much mascara.


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