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The Rolling Stones Criss Cross

The new music video of The Rolling Stones is a song from 1973 called Criss Cross that was not finally included in the album: Goat´s head soup. It is strange to discover this song was discarded as Criss Cross sounds utterly brilliant. 

This music video was recorded in part in the Spanish island of Ibiza and in New York. It has been directed by Diana Kunst and the star of it is Spanish model Marina Ontanaya who is known as well as Marina Guindilla. 

The Rolling Stones will launch a new version of this album, Goat´s head soup this September with 3 new songs.  You can see the official music video of Criss Cross right now.



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  1. The rolling stones certainly keep rolling on.

    They are not to my taste, seeming to me to be too raw, and “jaggered” around the edges…lol…

    I appreciate people who keep sticking to what they like though, and I would never say anything against music lovers. Each taste is differently unique to each listener.

    I like country music myself.

  2. That is great because you saw them when they were young and a great rock and roll band. I have seen them twice in Spain but these were massive acts and artificial if compared to their classic age as the concerts in the 1970s were purer and much better. I am a big fan of The Rolling Stones.


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