Spoiler Alert – my review of Black Panther!

I try to avoid posting about movies, at least my review until the movie has been out two weeks. Luckily, for Black Panther that is today (released two weeks ago).

  1. Super Hero movies are something my sones, and I have gone to as a group for years now.
  2. My wife does not like Super Hero movies; she doesn’t go very often.

First off, Black Panther is set in the Marvel Universe. It continues the story that left off with the last Avengers movie. It is, however, focused on the hero Black Panther and the kingdom of Wachovia located in Africa.

The movie is loosely based on the old African adage “the child abandoned by the village will eventually burn the village down.” Wrapped around that traditional storyline, as the child abandoned by the village returns and begins to burn the village down, is the rise of a hero. Few are called to be heroes. But in this movie, we get to see the rise of one.

I didn’t share the movie poster because frankly, I love this image of the Black Panther (taken from the movie site)

Overall if you like this type of movie, you will love Black Panther. I rate it a 5 out of 5!


What do you think?


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