Profile on Character Holly Golightly

While checking out videos for fun on YouTube, I clicked on this one, and I notice it had interesting information about Audrey Hepburn.

She is English/Dutch, but her parents were into fascism but she was a humanitarian. She had abandonment issues because her father left her and her mother when she was young. She had a pet deer. Her slim figure was due to malnutrition. She was married twice, and she had two sons from different men.

My favorite Audrey Hepburn movie was Breakfast at Tiffany’s because I read the novel, which was written by Truman Capote. I used to hang out at breakfast fashion events at Nordstrom during the 90s, which reminded me of some scenes in the movie. So, I related with the character, Holly Golightly, to some extent. For one thing, I was never a call girl. I think I just had Holly Golightly’s independent spirit as well as always looking for something missing in my life. Holly had an orange cat, but it was just a cat to her, which is why she named it just “Cat,” probably because she could connect well with others, whether men or animals, while my Gumby is like my furry son.

The novella was a little bit different, and I think I get more out of reading novels. It was more interesting to read, although the movie was entertaining. But behind the entertainment and funny scenes in the movie, there were some real life issues. Holly was a call girl looking for a rich man to marry and take care of her. In a way, she looked like a stylish and elegant version of skanky Vivian in Pretty Woman, played by Julia Roberts. Her writer male friend, Paul, played by George Peppard, was a struggling writer who was seeing an older rich woman as his Sugar Mama. So, he was just a temporary fling for Holly because Paul didn’t have any money or much of it, and he was with a Sugar Mama for financial support. Paul’s wealthy Sugar Mama was played by Patricia Neal. Mickey Rooney played an Asian, in which he made fun of Asians by making his teeth stick out awkwardly, slanting his eyes, and talking in an over-exaggerated Asian accent, in which was later considered racist. His scenes in the movie were comedic because he was like a comedian doing Asian impressions. Remember, back then, most actors were white. They rarely had ethnic actors, unless they hired blacks to play maids, servants, or slaves. The popularity of I Love Lucy series in 50s opened doors for some ethnic actors because Lucille Ball was married to Desi Arnaz at that era. Moreover, Holly Golightly had a weird past. She was married at 14 with an older man, played by Buddy Epsen, who comes after her to take her back to Texas. But she refuses, saying she annulled the marriage. She ends up in jail for being involved with a mobster’s drug ring. Therefore, Holly Golightly was lost and messed up, most likely of lack of family, married at 14 to an older man, moved to the city to became a call girl, annulled her marriage, and seeking a rich man to take care of her.


What do you think?