Notes from InUPress: I020, My Virily thoughts on motivation.

Notes from InUPress

By Kenneth Shumaker

Issue 020

Written: November 12, 2017.

Virily published: November 17, 2017.

My thoughts on motivation.

May the words stay with you! 

I was reading a series of posts on ‘Manifestation or Rebellion’ by Virily blogger ahol888. Each of the six posts has a list of four steps to reach a specified goal of self-development.

Hum, so this is where I find the metaphysics start kicking in and a stronger sense of belief in oneself is needed to be cultivated. With a strong sense of self and self-worth, there are fewer feelings of aggression or cruelty toward others. A strong sense of worth and of self, aid us in helping others and gives us the knowledge that this blogger pointed out: that the person who shuts their door on us today might be the person who may be saving us tomorrow.

Also mentioned is that we do need rest. I agree, or we will falter and fail – falling down. Another good point which I have implemented is a regime where for 15 minutes of every hour I get up from my desk and walk away from the computers and phones. This is to clear my mind and get exercise, which is another significant item missing from many daily routines. I work 45 minutes, then walk away for 15 minutes, and then return to my desk or task. Even when watching TV, I try to use this routine.

If I recall correctly, I think there is a misstep in the steps stated in the posts. The author of the article mentioned that we should forget the past completely. In my opinion, we should learn from the past, not forget it. Instead, what we should do is to not dwell on the past. We should keep moving forward every day with each action, building our future. We want to build upon our foundation of knowledge and from wisdom we have gained, strengthening our life’s base and building us up.

This is the philosophy I’ve worked with all of my mature life. I left our family farm of ten-members, living in a three-room house, at the age of fifteen, and found my first two-bedroom apartment and a job as an apprentice chef in a city. Thus, beginning my life on my own, never looking back, even after eight strokes at fifty-years-old and being told I’d never work again. Now at fifty-three-years-old I run two businesses and write nearly every day as an author. I firmly believe that our outlook and belief in self, while being humble toward others, is vital.

I think that genuine humbleness is usually forgotten or misunderstood. Being humble doesn’t mean to hide or to be meek, but allowing the voices of others to speak so that we can listen, as Ahol888 said in part one of his post. To me, this will enable us to grow in our skills and success.

Many steps were listed. If I recall correctly, in the six posts there were twenty-four steps listed. I believe that life is a series of steps where we must balance each movement’s action with the other situations around it. To ignore one piece breaks the balance, eventually crashing into the earth. But with proper rest, energy, food, exercise, and spiritual balance we can grow, prosper, and progress toward our goals with just the right amount of drive.

But we must remember those around us, share with them, teach others what we’ve learned, as well as learn from others. We want to prop them up when they require it, as we hope they’ll aid us in our time of need, no matter who we are, or where we are located.

I aim for this every day in my world, how about you?

This ends this issue of Notes from InUPress as written by Kenneth Shumaker.

© 2017 by Kenneth Shumaker with Inevitable Unicorn Press

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