InUPress’ Inspirational Productivity Motivation Newsletter month end: June 2018.



InUPress’ Inspirational Productivity Motivation Newsletter.


Written by Kenneth Shumaker.

July 1st, 2018.

Volume 01, Issue 002

Published on Virily on July 1, 2018.

Hello, to my Canadian brethren, Happy Canada Day! To those new to calling Canada home: Welcome! I hope you find your home here and achieve your dreams in a safe environment.

As such, without further due here are InUPress’ six goals we had for the month of June:

  1. Finalize the manuscript for, ‘Dragoman Bloodgrue, Volume VI: Servile,’ for publishing.
  2. Submit and complete the application for the author, Kenneth Shumaker, to the Canada Council for the Arts.
  3. Submit and complete the application for imprint, Inevitable Unicorn Press, to the Canada Council for the Arts.
  4. Research and set up the world setting: ‘Adan,’ for writing ‘Calgary Drop.’
  5. Create the author: Kenneth Shumaker Media sheet.
  6. Create the imprint: InUPress Media sheet.

Well now! How do we broach this one? I tell you, I set goals for motivation to be productive. I was very productive in June, just not on my goals which I had set for the month.

For June I had to redo the editing of the published novel, ‘Larret Army,’ as I failed to personally proofread the published manuscript after an editor returned the edition. So, the bad copy that was formatted was published, and this is on my head.

The failure was brought to my attention by another editor who I work with. She asked me if I was serious about publishing the book on the market with such errors in it.

Shocked at the question, I took a look at the manuscript’s errors she pointed out, then looked through the paperback proof and felt horrible at the degree of the fail that I had allowed.

Lesson learned, go the extra mile and take the time to check work I put our name on.

Immediately, I sent the original raw finished manuscript to a new editor to be re-edited then had the newly re-edited edition proofread and then having the manuscript reformatted I spent three days with the original fourteen distributors/vendors resubmitting for publishing. To then have three of them reject the new manuscript for incompatible margin settings.

Thus, I now need to again reformat separate manuscripts for these three distributors.

This is the process indie-publishers, self-publishers and small imprints go through when they publish wide.

As well, during June, I spent four to eight hours a day over five to seven days a week consulting managing with businesses.

At the same time in June, I wrote three-hundred or more words a day on the ‘Star Grean,’ science fiction novels. This resulted in my completing book one’s first draft with over twenty-eight-thousand words and with book two’s manuscript reaching about half completion with 15,284 words by June 30th.

In June there were also three serial series episodes written, with one for the ‘Morgus,’ medieval fantasy series and two for the sci-fi/fantasy series, ‘Eren’s Challenge.’ This is with each of the episodes being over three-thousand words long.

Several computer repair customers ate up some of my time with short bits of work each week as well.

The income in June, allowed me to upgrade some equipment and purchase more supplies as well as pay all of our bills.

But now getting back to the goals for June, I completed some research and did some outlining of plot themes for this goal. The goal is being listed as number four, I also achieved some of the ‘Adan,’ world building. That is the only goal I can tick off as completed, and even that is only a partial completion.

So, for June, the goal achievement if a full-blown fail. Thus, $50 goes into the years gifting account, and this raises the new total now too, $150.00 for the year. This is my second monthly fail in 2018, to go along with the two full achievements in 2018 so far, and with this, we have six months to go.

This month was an example of adapting to situations and not getting hung-up about having to acquire achievement of our goals when they don’t fit the time.

Thank you, sincerely, Kenneth Shumaker.


May the words stay with you!

© 2018 by Kenneth Shumaker with InUPress


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