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Take a look at Ramblings from a Writers Mind, a blog written especially for those who also write.

With well over 100 posts about writing, writer’s lives, being an author, authorship and publishing there is something of interest for everyone who writes, be it a book or novel, a non-fictional work, blog or poetry.

Some posts touch on the technical aspect while steering clear of most technical terms and jargon. Some talk about a writer’s muse and inspiration, while others are simple Ramblings from my mind about an authors life in general… But each post is helpful to anyone who writes, whatever they write, wherever they write

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Written by Paul White


  1. Many thanks, Tatijana, although I do think we have said this elsewhere, who knows with my fuddled mind, anyway… who are you!
    Keep happy and have a great 2018 XX

  2. When I write fan fictions of PBS Kids heroine Wordgirl it is usually written that my original characters like Panama Squirrel, identical twins Donna and Debi Isthmus who are Wordgirl’s cousins have this motto based on the Oakland Raiders which is “Might makes right.”, “Winning by intimidation” and “We don’t take bull from anyone.” But there are really sweet kids inside.