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My part of the Happy Comment request from Doc!

Okay, so here’s the link from Doc’s post mentioning that we needed more happy comments. You can find it in the link below.

I picked up on one of his suggestions. 

“Start with leaving a kind comment. Make people want to return to this or any site you are interested in.”

I agreed that we needed more happy commenting, even though you do not get points for comments. 

Happy posts, happy comments. Let’s cheer each other up in these trying times with the virus. 

My idea: This is an open list. I know that Virily does have a cut off for lists, meaning only so many pictures can be loaded into them. But, I thought it would be fun to post the last picture you took here, and place one happy comment on each picture that is submitted at the time you read this post. 

Are you bored? Wondering on what to share? Here ya go! Let’s have some fun. 

I will start this off. 

#1 My last picture that I took.

My bright pink colored ice plant! 


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#2 Dandelions in my yard

These are considered weeds but I call them flowers. 

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  1. Awe, the dandelion. When Chris was 3 and 4 he used to pick these for me. All waded up in his pocket he would present them to me. All the flower heads. Thanks for the happy memory and for joining in!

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  1. In case anyone wonders why all the you lost me way back comments from me, is that someone was flooding this with unwanted comments. Thank you for your understanding, and thank you ADMINISTRATION for your quick response.

        • In context we were talking about positive vs negative. It has been proven scientifically that positive reinforcement works better than negative. When people read negative posts about well anything really not just virily it makes them feel worse, while happy brighter posts put a positive spin on things. You can either be negative or positive. When I read the coffee talk I always leave feeling bad. Bad for us, bad for the community as a whole. You know I like you, but the negativity is infectious, so I mentioned it. It is really how I feel, and you know that.

          • It doesn’t matter, I don’t even care anymore and am fed up with it all, both the site and such users so all this is all actually GREAT way for me to leave and finally get off of this toxic time-wasting mashine!…

          • I don’t want to be angry with you but all my posts about Virily were always approved except once when the info I wrote was actually wrong so I had to correct it and then it was published, and the other time when I mentioned possible selfishness of some users generally so I had to correct that too…

            So if the admins thought my posts were bad for the site they would not have made them approved and they would certainly be deleted!!!

            Now the user we talked about writes such posts all the time and no one is punishing nor criticizing her (from the users) while my post was immediately in the drafts when I wrote only 1 such line, while if I complain about that user and argue with her since no one is punishing her and doing nothing except “warning her” (for 3 years!!!) I get reported and was even banned twice because of her!… Now where is fairness there…

            That “fairness” is also in admins not doing their job…! – all I say everything I write about should be clearly written in the FAQ’s… And even some things that are written there are not respected…


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