Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite – Ghost Rider

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Ghost Rider is a somewhat decent character to utilize in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. He is slow, yet brutal with the chain he possesses in his hand. In fact, he can clip you with it all the way from the other side of the screen which works if you are fighting against someone you cannot get near. I had the opportunity to utilize Ghost Rider in the story line mode against Morrigan, but prior to my story line match up against Morrigan, I put together a set of moves that I learned in the training mode which I share below.

Burn – Right + Circle

Hell Fire – Down, Right + Circle

Eat Chain – Down, Right, Square

Air Combo – Square  x 7

Be Gone – Down, Down, Square or Down, Down, Triangle

Away With You – While walking towards opponent + Triangle

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      • well it was in the time of PS2 haha… so proud to be an old mama. anyway, Also their sexy outfit.

        Playboy mansion nothing so funky about it. it was a funny game, like Sims with a twist. like there should be a party.. and i have to work out on inviting someone… or so on.. it was like a mission game.

        • I still have my PS2, but recently upgraded to a PS4. Might be able to find the Playboy Mansion one for a decent price about now. That is understandable, and it probably gives you an idea of what types of things go on at the Playboy Mansion. And also, I remember playing Sims as a kid : ) Totally fun!

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