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Rising World – Review

I would have said “first impressions” but I’ve played this game for several hours.

Brief description

Rising World is an open world survival and exploration game, where you collect resources, search for treasures, escape from hostile creatures and build with the materials you can craft.

The current game modes are Survival and Creative, but the developers are also working on the Stranded and Adventure modes.

It is currently a sandbox game, meaning there’s no end to the game you start. Obviously, the future modes are likely to have an ending as they are limited stories.

Multiplayer mode is implemented, you can either join a server or create your own.


It’s easier for me to compare Rising World to other similar existing games.

The resource-gathering system reminded me of Ark, Stranded 2 and Stranded Deep.

You need tools to chop down trees, break stones and level ground.

You can collect fruits and vegetables growing around and you can loot the meat of animals once you killed them.

Similarly to these games, hunger and thirst are important factors to keep in mind.

Some foods will fill your thirst bar but you can also find sweet water ponds where to drink from.

Most people compare this game to Minecraft, because of the creativity you can express in building houses, castles or fortresses.

However, the materials you’re given are more numerous: planks, window frames, more block types and textures to choose from.

You can also craft furniture. You don’t need a toilet, but you can get one!

Another Minecraft’s feature Rising World was inspired by is the variety of biomes: during your explorations, you can encounter deserts, beaches, forests and more.

Each biome has its own plants, trees and animals. That is why it is worth exploring!

The world isn’t limited to its surface, you can enter a cave, gather some ores and find dungeons filled with unique items.

The “hostile creatures” are animals. There are no zombies or skeletons: you are left alone with bears, tigers and other predators.

If you can’t escape, you’ll have to fight them. That is why the night-time can be challenging: scarce vision, you must depend on what you hear. Thankfully these animals make sounds.

Unfortunately, there’s no character improvement system, no level ups, experience or such.

Last but not least, the character is customizable by gender, skin, hair and eye color.

You can later craft clothes.


Depending on what your computer can afford, graphics are great.

Realistic models and textures, the lights and shadows can also create wonderful scenes.

The sky details and water reflections deserve a mention as well.


I’m satisfied with the sound effects. Cows mooing at night are scary, but it is what it is.

The soundtracks are gentle but pleasant.

Development status

Rising World is currently on Early Access, therefore it is not a complete game.

However, the developers are active and they create new content and features from time to time.

If you like Rising World and believe in this project, I highly suggest you to buy the game and support these people!

Here’s a six months old official trailer so you can turn my words into images.

Click HERE to check the official Steam page, if you want to buy the game or find out more.


Would it be the first time you play a game like Rising World?

Are you afraid you won’t like the genre and waste your money?

I suggest you to search and download Stranded 2, it is free and very similar.

Sure, you won’t experience the improved graphics, the building system, and the variety of resources and items Rising World has, but the gameplay is alike.

Cool fact: the developers of both games are German. Way to go, Germany!


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