March 2020 Live Stream Insight…

Monday, March 23, 2020

I found another celeb psychic live streamed video, which is interesting but erratic as well as a little sporatic. She talks about March 2020 incidences, mostly about celebrities and other people in the news. I already knew most of the information because it has been out on the internet for a while. But I wasn’t aware of some details or even some of the people. 

Harvey Weinstein got the Coronavirus from a prisoner. I also read it somewhere.

Vaccines, microchips, and depopulation agenda are being pushed by the New World Order agenda.

Illuminati, Zionists and Elites are bloodsucking vampires for youth and longer life.

Jon-Benet Ramsay was a ritual killing, and the whole family knew it.

David Spade knew that Kate Spade was murdered.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip do child hunting for brown-skilled children because dark children have better blood for youth and long life. Taking the blood of scared children is a fountain of youth for these elites. They kill these kids and eat them.

Anthony Bourdain was murdered by his best friend.

Jett Travolta was first-born sacrifice. That is what I thought, but I wasn’t sure.

Rosemary’s Baby is very true in the real world.

Dolly Parton is a lesbian. I didn’t know that…

Tom Cruise is gay, which is obvious…

She isn’t sure if there is martial law, but they will likely cut down with many things.

Martin Sheen is bisexual.

DiCaprio was abused when he was a kid. MacCaulay Culkin was in an office with an executive when he was a kid, and the executive told him that the red shoes worn by someone was the skin by Heather O’Rourke. Pope’s red shoes, John Podesto’s red shoes.

Kurt Curbain was murdered, which is obvious.

Roseanne Barr sold her soul for fame and money. It is obvious with her stupid ranting on Youtube.

John Travolta kept going after young boys on films.

Kevin Spacey liked boy under age of 10 who doesn’t speak English, and he enjoyed killing them afterwards.


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