Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

Sunday, July 15, 2018, around noon. I decided to check the internet before I get ready for another meetup at 3 pm.

This video is interesting, as it talks about Stanley Kubrick and his movie, Eyes Wide Shut that he was murdered after refusing to cut 24 minutes from the film. Who knows what were in those edited 24 minutes? The Illuminati killed him so they can edit the film, and we watched the edited version, even though it is still dark, twisted, and exposes more than enough.

The movie is filled with Illuminati and MK-Ultra symbolism as well as Pedophile rings. When watching the film, I did think that that young actress flirting with the Tom Cruise character was weird and creepy. When the movie came out, the pedophile rings as exposed much as it is now, and many celebrities have been murdered in the recent past for exposing pedophilia.

I am sure we will never find out what actually was in those 24 edited minutes. But I am sure, whatever it is, it is probably already exposed somewhere on the internet because nothing is a secret and everything is out in plain view.

During the first time I watched this movie, I didn’t quite understand it because of the weird dark symbolism that I wasn’t aware of yet. So, I did my own research, which revealed Illuminati, MK-Ultra, and Satanic symbolism. Eventually, I started to realize that Illuminati, MK-Ultra, CIA, FBI, Zionism, and Satanism all work together on the same agenda, or at least work together to achieve their NWO agenda.

This video also mentions that Bob Hope was an MK-Ultra Handler. I remember during the 80s, my family used to go to someone’s party in the Hollywood Hills, and these family were neighbors with Bob Hope and Henry Winkler. My cousin and I used to walk in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood, checking out Bob Hope and Henry Winkler’s house from the street. It was gated, and there were lots of bushes.

So, keep your Eyes Wide Open and you will see the truth all around you…


What do you think?