Jessebelle 2014 movie review and analysis

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

I woke up 8:30 am, and I made my breakfast, after feeding Gumby. I turned on the TV to see what is on the indie channels. And, I decided to watch the movie Jessebelle because it was going to start in ten minutes. Also, I remembered that the name Jessebelle popped into my head last night, and I wasn’t sure where it was from. At first, I thought I had met someone named Jessebelle, but then I realized that it was a movie I had watched on the indie channel, a couple of months ago. So, I decided to watch it again since for some reason the name Jessebelle had popped into my head.

The movie is an interesting drama/thriller about a young woman who keeps getting nightmares after her boyfriend dies in a car accident. She survives the car accident, although she has to temporarily use a wheelchair until she is able to walk again with physical therapy within two months. But, during this time, she gets creepy nightmares. People from her past enter her life to help her. Since her mother had died when she was a baby, she ends up moving in with her father. There appears to be a ghost in the house. She also finds old video tapes that her mother had made for her before she died, and her mother was doing tarot card readings for her to warn her about her future. Her father doesn’t want her to watch these videos, and he breaks was one video to prevent her from listening to her mother tarot card readings. As he was trying to burn the other two, the ghost kills him, and now the young woman is alone in the house. An old male friend enters her life, and although he is married, he helps her solve the identity of this mystery ghost terrorizing her at night. She also watches the other two videos that her late father wasn’t able to burn. While they go out searching for clues outside, they notice a witchcraft ritual, where a dead chicken was sacrificed, a tombstone with her name on it, and an old baby doll in the lake. The mystery ghost wants her dead. All the clues her mother gives her in the video help her solve the mystery.

I am not familiar with any of the actors in this movie.


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