Gerard Butler … Even birds don’t fly so high! Bravo! No matter how wonderful the film is, you look first of all at the actor’s game. Divine scenarios simply go out of sight when this blinding star appears in the arena. The guy brazenly steals ALL ATTENTION only to himself. I am delighted, which can not be described in words! Perfect role in the same peerless masterpiece.

I would not hesitate to put 10 points to this film for only one Butler’s play, but besides it, there are other characteristic things that are found only in masterpieces, which of course cannot be ignored …

The second and important feature of the tape is the ambiguity of the plot and its layering. Throughout the film, the viewer will certainly sympathize and worry about the fate of the main character Clyde Shelton, after all, he lost his family and avenges the entire judicial system for it. 

However, he breaks the line and later turns into the one with whom he fought for the past 10 years. Although there is truth in his thoughts, it would be great in our country to conduct such a purge, because there is even more corruption in it.

The antipode of the protagonist is a two-faced and selfish lawyer, and of course, he evokes much less sympathy, because both the role and the image do not have absolute empathy. The main one is Butler and his Sheldon.

Technically, the film is great. There are not so many action scenes here, but those that are – upper class. Cruel, bloody, and realistic – an adult thriller with elements of an action movie. The chic music, which perfectly complements what is happening on the screen, gives the overall picture dynamism even in those moments where dialogs simply go on. The film, by the way, is damn dynamic, despite a large number of dialogs.

A Law Abiding Citizen is a powerful, strong, and very balanced thriller with great dramatic overtones. Otherwise, this is an excellent adult crime thriller, a must-see for fans of the genre. Definitely, it is one of Butler’s best roles.

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