Darkness(2002) movie analysis and review

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

As I ate my brunch, I decided to watch the movie Darkness on the indie channel. I am not familiar with any of the actors, but I noticed two have some kind of European accent. It was an interesting drama about a dark forces or spirits terrorizing a family who move into an old house. There were interesting antique items in the house, in which provided clues about these dark spirits. They seem to be triggered by the father’s illness because his illness is somehow attracting or connected to the weird things happening in the house. His wife is skeptical, and she prefers to just ignore things, hoping it will just magically disappear. The little boy is most affected by these spirits, especially when he draws with his colored pencils. He tends to see ghosts of young children and little handprints as well as all kinds of bruises appear on his body from out of nowhere. The teenage daughter wants to solve this dark mystery, mostly to help her little brother who appears to be suffering the most. She goes out with her male friend, and they talk to different people. She learns about weird and dark rituals involving kids, in which 6 kids were sacrificed 40 years ago, and the spirits are after her little brother as the 7th kid to be sacrificed in order to “close the circle.” As I watch the scenes, I am reminded of similar Illuminati blood sacrifices that I often hear about on YouTube and other internet sites, such as the ones that have to do with abducting children for pedophilia and then killing them in a sacrificial ritual. There seems to be a lot of masonic symbolism in the movie, in which everything appears to be a secret.

I thought it was an interesting dark drama. It wasn’t scary at all. But I thought it was mostly like a dark mystery, and the teenage daughter was the fearless one who wanted to solve it, which is kind of like the Katniss Everdeen character in Hunger Games as well as the female teenage character in Fifth Wave. But this movie, Darkness, is more interesting than the other two because this movie has more drama and storyline. The other two movies are just corny movies for teenagers, which is about teens recruited into a military to fight and kill others.

I liked this movie, and I will give it an A score for good drama, realistic characters, and good storyline.

After adding the trailer for this 2002 movie, I noticed some of the actors’ names, Anna Paquin, Leno Olin, Iain Glen, and Michael Pare. I wasn’t familiar with any of these actors’ work, although the names Anna Paquin and Michael Pare were familiar.


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