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Jabulani by P J Powers


Let’s go to South Africa and meet the Zulu people. The title of the song ‘Jabulani’ is a Zulu word which means ‘rejoice’ or ‘be happy.’  The word is usually shortened to ‘Jabu’ when used as a name of a person. It is normally used as a first name.

The song is sung by Penelope Jane Dunlop who goes by the stage name of PJ Powers. She is known by another name of ‘Thandeka’ which she was nicknamed by the Soweto people. She was born in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa on July 1960.

I hope you’ll enjoy this classic song. Why?

You can sing and dance and laugh and feel Jabulani.

Happy New Year to everyone. 


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  1. If you’re into South African music, then you have to try Die Antwoord, but I don’t know if you like rap music. British rap music sounds different because of the accent, but Stormzy gets it done.


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