I Hope You Dance


I enjoy listening to music. Many genres, depending on my mood. Music can take me to another place in time. I have many favorite songs, a huge library of favorites. For some reason this song came to mind today. LeeAnn Womack is a beautiful country singer. This song is a favorite of mine and never gets old. If you have a few minutes I hope you can enjoy the video and listen to the words. It is beautiful. 

And if you get the chance… I hope you dance. Enjoy the video: I Hope You Dance…


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Written by Carol DM


  1. Dear Carol, DM, This sweet song made the tears of longing well up in my eyes. My youngest daughter Ena, whom my wife says, is so much like me, (Hope she got the few good ones) is married and living in Dublin, Ireland, I haven’t seen her and my only granddaughter Savanna for a few years now, but managed to send my wife, (Granny) twice, while I watched over our 4 legged kids, here in South Africa they would not have survived with both of us away for weeks. I have a varied music choice and for some silly reason have never heard of this wonderful singer, Lee Ann Womack. Our Savanna is about the same age as the little girl in the video and I could just see her and her mommy dancing, as indeed they do. Thank you for bringing them back home if only for a few moments. Bless you, my friend for making my day with your inspiring article.

    • Oh my goodness Andre. I am so delighted this video touched you in such a special way! Music has no boundaries and you have just proved that. One more thing, even though there is distance, you are blessed to have them. I have no family left and try to remind others of just how blessed they are. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am so touched.