“GET AWAY” Music/Voice by Bryant E. Hicks/Elec. Guitar “B Silent” – TMINW Production FCSH ©2016

We all at one point in our lives felt the need to “Get Away!” We are pressured by our jobs, family – and friends to keep the pace. Sometimes in life, we just want to be ourselves – and chill. Sometimes in life, we just want to get away where no one is trying to run our lives – and tell us what to do.

Music is an avenue where we can express our true feelings from the soul. Our creativity gives us the freedom to go to a place in mind where you can be you!

“Get Away” Produced by Bryant E. Hicks

Music Producer/Composer/Musician/Vocals/Keyboards

Co-Produced by Brandon “B Silent” Hicks – Music Producer/Composer/Musician/Electric Guitar

TMINW Production by Francine C. Still Hicks ©2017


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