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“Where Is Jayden?” (Jayden’s Dream)

“After a long day of playing – and learning; our little Jayden falls asleep – and dreams. He doesn’t stay in one place too...

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“You Could Send Me Flowers”

These words were a gift from Love in every way. I am human – and every now – and then my emotional side in...

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“This You Must Know!”

You must know; you are never alone trying to find your way out of the dark moments. Our love – and support to each...

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“Quiet Strength”

The humble strength we receive through our tribulations comes when we have experienced life fully. We celebrate in true humility; knowing nothing can stand in...

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“True Love” (poem from) THE ME I NEVER WAS pg. 112 Out of “True Love,” the universe was created. We sit in prayer to God; to open the door to quiet meditation. And through our meditation, the...

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