Eurovision 2019 – My opinion

I didn’t watch the Eurovision this year. Well, I usually don’t.

I’m not interested in listening to about 50 pop songs. 

There are countries that sometimes promote artists who don’t play pop, but they’re mediocre most of the time.

Plus, over 25 languages are spoken in Europe, but most songs are in English.

How entertaining!

I’m not saying Eurovision is dumb, unfair or useless; it’s not my cup of tea, that’s all.

I’m not even motivated to cheer my own country, because the entry Italy chooses is the Sanremo winner. Sanremo is the national music competition, and it wasn’t made to bring artists that could compete in the Eurovision. Most Italians are singer-songwriters and sing in their native language.

The audience can’t understand the lyrics, but thankfully, they can feel the emotions, and some songs keep on playing in the hearts of people, despite what the Eurovision results are.

Well, I’m done with my rant for now.


This year, Netherlands won and Italy made it to the 2nd place.

I decided to make a list of the top 6, so I can make my own top 5 out of those.

I have to exclude my own country, you know.

Please, use the up/down votes to choose your favorite.

#1 Third, Russia with Sergey Lazarev – Scream

The music! Epic music!

Is it a song about love, or a song about crying? Both, I guess.

Not as good as last year's Denmark entry. Vikings are unbeatable.

I like it, it's second place for Lazarev's Scream, in my personal list.

Placement in my top 5: 2nd place.

4 points

#2 First, Netherlands with Duncan Laurence – Arcade

Nice, perhaps touching for some, love pop song.

Not bad at all, but I feel like I heard a song like this a thousand times before.

That means I don't believe the victory was deserved this time.

Placement in my top 5:  4th place.

3 points

#3 Second, Italy with Mahmood – Soldi

Mahmood also won the Composer Award.

Am I going to be unbiased about this one? I can't promise.


Not a pop song! Not a song about love!

Perhaps this can be seen as pop because it's mainstream, but I can definitely confirm it is not about love.

It's about family. Mahmood tells about his father, who left his family because he ran after money (soldi). Very touching, if you can understand the lyrics.

I love ethnic music, or whatever has some folklore into it.

The vocals are peculiar, but it's a phrase that makes the song truly exotic.

Waladi waladi habibi ta'aleena, it's Arabic and means "My son, my son, darling, come here".

Mahmood (Alessandro) is Italian but got Egyptian roots from his father.

Yes, the same father who left home for SOLDI, SOLDI, SOLDI.

Placement in my top 5: N/A

3 points

#4 Fourth, Switzerland with Luca Hänni – She Got Me

Same feeling the Netherlands gave me.

Did the world need more dirty dance pop songs? Ugh.

Danceable and kind of catchy. Not as a catchy as Italy, though.

Placement in my top 5: 5th place.

3 points

#5 Fifth, Norway with KEiiNO – Spirit In The Sky

Elettropop. The music brings me back in time.

This song has yoik! Yoik is the singing style of the Saami (Northern Scandinavia), similar to the Native American vocalizations. This choice really boosted the song, as far as I'm concerned. I've already told you I like ethnic music.

Placement in my top 5: 1st place!

3 points

#6 Sixth, Sweden with John Lundvik – Too Late For Love

Another pop song about love. When John sings "Is it too late..." I get Justin Bieber in my mind that says "... now to say sorry". 

However, I can't be cruel with such a perfect voice.

Not my genre, but it's a beautiful song nevertheless.

You may wonder about his nationality. He's Swedish.

Okay, he was adopted when he was a week old. He was born in London, UK.

Alright, alright. John is of Nigerian origin. You happy now?

Placement in my top 5: 3rd place.

3 points

What do you think?

15 points

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    • It’s hard to go past personal taste, especially if it’s about genres I don’t usually listen to. And I don’t have the patience to listen to like 50 songs, but I know and accept I’m missing out something good. Perhaps not that good, but barely okay. 😅

      • Yes, it’s more or less the same with me… I’m sorry when I miss it but at the same time don’t have the patience to watch everything since it’s too much of “everything is sweet and nice”, hehehe ;/E 😀 Although, my personal taste is not much far from it 😉

        • That “everything’s sweet and nice” reminds me of the “hosts” from each country telling their jury votes; they all said “what a great show”, often in ways that didn’t sound so honest, before revealing the votes and that was like the cringiest part of it all. Well, I started watching from there, but I think it was among the worst things anyway. 😂

          • Hey, not a problem… 😉 😀 hahah 🙂
            I have a lot of inspiration but I’m frustrated so not willing to… :/ 😐 But, I am writing one just now…! 🙂 Although, I’m still a little anxious about posting it….. :/|

          • PS pretty much affected by the conflicts so my post is actually about that (and Viril value too), but I’m trying to make it as neutral as possible…

        • I was going to ask what it would be about. 😄
          Oh right, I haven’t looked at the last month’s earnings yet. The value seems to have decreased a little, it was kind of expected due to the new members. Looks like the “prophecy” I read on FC was correct.
          There shouldn’t be any problem if you keep it “neutral”. Sure, there can always be few that will say you can leave if you don’t like it here, but then just look at those comments like Virils and not for their content. 🤪
          Perhaps waters have calmed down after all this time, and there’s really nothing to worry about.

          • Hahhaha! 😀
            Yes, that is what I thought too… What prophecy??? Where???
            Hahhahahha, of course…, I don’t worry about that… I’m actually not complaining in it but just giving some info… ;p)
            Wellll….., I would really like if it was like that, but not sure it is….. :/ 😐

        • Someone said, I don’t remember who did, on ForumCoin that when Virily closed the site to new registrations the Viril value increased. If this was true, it would make sense that now the value has decreased, as registrations are open again. Well, I really hope things are calmer now. 😃

  1. I see why the song from the Netherlands won because it sounds like a mainstream pop song that the record companies would promote heavily. Norway would have won if it wasn’t for them having their hair like cat ears.

  2. I decided not to watch more Eurosong. This manifestation has become a promotion of something that does not fit into my understanding of the good song, and the normal behavior of people. Serbia had many great songs, and good placement, and was the winner of 2007. In your post, I think that you, little wrongly, omitted the Northern Macedonia, which kept her at the top of the table, but in the end she was eight place.

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