Wednesday, October 18, 2017, early morning, an hour past midnight.

I wasn’t sleepy. So, I decided to check out some YouTube videos.

This video lists some of Las Vegas history of Illuminati blood sacrifices, from past to the most recent false flag in Vegas. The recent incident is filled with inconsistencies, in which isn’t much different from the previous false flags. It is like they are created on the same basic script, but the area changes. It is also filled with lies, and if you are aware of these lies, then you immediately will realize how ridiculous and utterly stupid the whole story sounds like.

The Zionist News Media can’t even make up their minds on what actually happened because they keep changing their story. They think that all the extra chaos and havoc in the crowded scene will confuse the idiots watching it on TV as well as entertain everyone with the drama and action of a Tom Cruise movie. And, since Mandalay Bay hotel is next to Luxor Hotel, this false flag happened next to Luxor’s huge and bright pyramid with its illuminated Illuminati peak, obelisk, and Egyptian statues. They are also shoving Illuminati symbolism in your face to show you who actually did this terrorism because it is like they are leaving their mark or fingerprints at the scene of the crime, “The Illuminati was here.”


What do you think?