Chicken with Plums movie review

While making my lunch of vegan shish kebob in the toaster oven, I flipped to the independent channels and decided to watch a foreign film.

Chicken with Plums is a Persian movie in French but with English subtitles. I think this movie was in the Persian Film Festival. It is kind of sad, but still an interesting drama about a struggling musician/artist becoming depressed. All the negatives add up in his life until he cannot deal with his life anymore, and he starts to lose hope for living. First, he wasn’t able to marry his first love. Then, his mother forced him to marry a woman that he wasn’t in love with. Even his brother didn’t really like her. He eventually had two kids with her and he tried to work out his marriage, but it slowly started to fall apart as little negative occurrences started to add up inside him, increasing his depression and hopelessness. They continued to fight, and she broke his treasured violin given to him by his teacher. He started to contemplate suicide and different ways to die as he lay paralyzed in his bed all day, not able to live his life. His life passed before his eyes as he went through everything that happened to him, from his childhood to his beloved mother’s death. His whole family begged him to get up and live, trying to help him come out of his depression, but he had already made up his mind.

I enjoyed this film, even though it is sad, because of the dramatic story, good acting, and the creative scenes.


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